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If you come here following the reading of a short story I wrote, welcome!!!

I base myself mostly on the drawing (or in some rare case a comic) I've just seen that an artist drawn that was inspiring enough that a simple artistic comment doesn't suffice.

MOSTLY ARE INSPIRED BY MLP DRAWINGS!!!! Note: I keep the original pieces' name in a way to respect the artists' works.

Vous parlez français et vous voulez communiquer par cette langue? Allez-y!
So far, we know he will be banned for five months for the website, to its IP adress.

Reason? Apparently for showing pornographic material on its account... which it didn't have!

Want to learn more about it? Go check this video:



Chrysalis: Welcome to my lair, little pony.
Pony: What?! H-how I got here?
C: Oh? You don't remember?
P: No!  Well, no all. I remember that I was... watering my garden this morning and suddenly I... felt a pain in the back of my head like something's hit me... I felt like sleeping... but I shook my heart to clear my mind, looked around where that came from and found nothing. I kept watering and that pain came back! This time it got angry and shot "Who the hay hit me? Huh? Who? Show yourself! Now!" while look at my perimeter. But, fact is... if somepony would have, it would have left traces in the soil around me. It was puzzled... and the hits at my noggin weren't helping either. Then... I saw her...
C: Huh? How could you know its a f-
P: A was shocked to see a changeling flying in front of me. I never saw one before! I heard stories about th- I mean you, but I never seen one of your kind before. I froze, I don't why. And she hit me across the head with her club.
C: Are you telling me you let yourself hit? Even if you had your aggressor in your view?
P: I... I don't know. I... barely have any time to react...
C: She hit you thrice for love's sake!
P: How am I supposed to think right now when my head hurts like Tartarus?
C: You got a point.
P: Besides... she hesitated to hit me.
C: Well, you didn't fell in the first two attempt. That would surprise anyone...
P: No. It seems like... she felt bad about doing this. She hit me behind my back, not in front. When I caught her, she flew behind me to hit me down...
C: That is odd.
P: Yeah. It does.
C: That is weak too. I'll make-
P: C-can I meet her again?
C: What? Mouhahahaha!
P: Uh, what's funny?
C: You poor little pony... With your thick head you still haven't realized the single reason that you've been brought here against your will?
P: Huh? Uh, you need somepony to help you grew vegetables? And you don't want ponies to find it o-
C: No you fool!!!
P: Whoa! So much anger for someone who feeds on l- *gasp* No.
C: Ah! The little idiot just got it.
P: I am food for no one, missy!!!
C: M-missy?
P: And I know how to defend myself!
C: Well, "missy" Chrysalis here will take her first meal of the day from you! *she charged toward the pony*
P: I said... *he bucked her hard enough to make her fly across the room and landed on the rocky ground* Nopony will feed of me! Pony will feed from what I cook, but...
C: *she got up* ARGH!!! You will pay for this, food! GUARDS!!! SEIZE HIM!!!!!
P: What?
Three guards flew into his direction and landed around him, surrounding him and in attack stance.
C: Huh? Three? Where is the fourth one?
The other changeling was hiding behind a stalagmite.
C: Come on out or you'll be direly punished!
The fourth one got out of its hiding place and flew slowly to join its peer around the pony. She took the stance, though hesitantly.
P: You! It's you! I recognize you! You had this scar on your left cheek, I remember now!
The changeling winced.
P: Now I got it! You barely hit twice, because.... because...
C: Enough!!! Seize him at once!
Three of the changelings pounced at him. He moved fast enough to kick one, but the other hit him on his flank making fell on the ground, he shook his head to clear his already affected mind and... he saw it. The scarred one attacked its sibling with a head shot and kicked the other who was on the pony. Shocked, he couldn't move.
Changeling: Come, follow me! Quick!
P: W-what?
The changeling caught one of his hoof and pull it to help him stand.
Changeling: Quick! This way!
The pony regained himself, hit down the changeling to his side with a fore hoof and began to gallop behind the insect looking pony.
P: W-why are you helping me out?
Changeling: B-because I'm the one who put you in trouble. Also, I-
P: No time for explanations! Be better hurry!
Changeling: This way!
They got into a smaller tunnel with a river. They run to its side.
P: W-wait! Don't tell me you want me to...
Changeling: Yes! Jump and swim outside. It's the safest way...
P: There are better ways! We could have used the door...
Changeling: No way! Too many guards and we are only two. Beside, knowing that I'm a traitor now...
P: They wouldn't...
Changeling: Yes, they would. Or they would lose their own.
P: Oh! I don't know what to say. I'm so-
Changeling: Don't say that. I-I'm the one who knocked you down. It... it was hard though...
P: Since you are saving me, I forgive you. Wait, what? What do you mean by...
Changeling: I didn't have any intent to do so. They forced me.
P: Why me?
Changeling: I... was watching you from... a distance.
P: HUH? Are you a stalker?!?
They began to hear the screams of upcoming changeling coming from the opening of the tunnel.
Changeling: Uh... N-no...
P: Then, why? Why were you watching me?
Changeling: B-b-because... I wanted to make a friend!
The pony was stunned, its jaw dropped.
Changeling: *sigh* You... you were always there... taking care of your garden... doing your pony business... having a great living... Me... us... we live in caves. Cold, humid caves. No flowers, no vegetables only moss. We feed on love, but I want to like my life too. I learned that having a friend is the most incredible thing anyone could have. I constantly have to fill this hole in my chest with stolen love. I want to fill it on my own with... the help of a friend.
The pony caught the changeling in its forehoof in an embrace. The changeling was the one who was stunned now. Then, the pony let it go then looked into its eye.
P: You are my friend now. Changy.
Changy: C-changy? Wait, what?
P: Well, I'll work on a better name later. But you showed that you cared about me. You didn't have the will to hurt me, you risked your life to save me... Yes. I'm in your doubt now. I consider you my friend from now on.
The changeling began to cry. The screams were getting louder now.
P: Now, listen Changy. You better get out of here alive and join me back at my house.... Or I'll come back here and kick your butt! Got it?
The changeling smiled, tears still rolling down its cheeks and nodded. The pony got in position to jump.
P: See you later, buddy.
Then he jumped, the current of the river bringing him outside. He could hear the screams before diving into the water afterwards. He woke up later on a shore. He cough the remaining water from its lungs, shook himself of the remaining water in his coat and mane and slowly trotted back home. It was late in the afternoon. Once he was there, he took a glance of the crime scene and, melancholic, he got inside and let himself go on his bed and fell asleep. The next morning brought another beautiful sunny day which a ray got on his eye. He woke up with a start. He panted while looking around its room. Nopony was there. He stood up he looked around the house. Still nopony. With a sad face, he sigh and got into the kitchen and sat at the table.
P: *sigh* I guess she didn't make it. I better get back there and...
It's belly grumbled.
P: Time for breakfast. I better get something from the garden.
He got up and got a basket from a corner and brought it with him in his mouth. Once outside, he stretched himself while taking a deep breath from the morning air and trotted to his garden, still sad from the realization he would stay alone. Again. He wanted to have her as a friend. He wanted that company. He needed it he thought suddenly. Then... he froze. The changeling was there, watering his garden. He dropped his basket.
P: Changy?!? W-w-w-what are you doing here?!?
Changy: *put the watering can down* Hi, buddy! You are the one who told me I could join you and- OOF!!!!
The pony ran and caught his new friend in his powerful forelegs in an embrace.
P: I-I thought you didn't make it. *he let it go*
Changy: Well, seems I did. But I got a few new scars.
P: Oh! We better take care of them now, then. Come. I'll take some sweet potatoes, green onions and spinach and I'll make us a great breakfast.
The both trotted to the house.
Changy: You know that we feed only on love...
P: Well, I'll put enough love into this meal so you would not starve.
Changy: Uh... I don't it would...
P: It's worth trying, isn't? Changy?
Changy: Y-yeah. True.
P: Hey, want me to find you a better name?
Changy: What? No. I like it.
P: But it doesn't sound very.... feminine.
The changeling abruptly stopped trotting.
P: What's wrong?
Changy: I'm a male.
The pony stood there, motionless.
Changy: Something's wrong? You don't seem...
P: Nonono. I'm fine. Really. I'm just... surprised. That's all.
Changy: Good. Now, show me our new place. You're coming?
P: Huh? Uh, yeah sure. Go inside. I... I'll be there, soon.
Changy: Okay.
Once the changeling inside, our pony kept thinking of the situation.
P: Not a female. I thought she was a female! What does it means? They all looked alike over there...
Changy: You're coming?
P: In a minute! *sigh* *shrugs* At least I got a new friend.
And he joined his new changeling friend inside.

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